We really teach you to sail

During the beginner sailing course, you will take part in practice-oriented training, where professional instructors will teach you the basic techniques of sailing.

Scholtz 8.8 sailboat charter | Füredyacht Charter


You don’t have any experience in sailing but you wish to learn this fantastic sport? At the beginner sailing course of FüredYacht Training Center you can learn the theory and practical skills needed for sailing in a professional environment.

During the course, you will participate in a practice oriented training where professional instructors teach you the basic techniques. By the end of the sailing course, you will have a confident theoretical and practical knowledge needed for a successful exam.

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At our sailing course we put a strong accent on practical training. We will be on water from 9 AM to 5 PM. We hold the theory courses, which are essential for obtaining a comprehensive knowledge when the weather is less suitable for sailing.

If the weather is permanently unsuitable for practical learning (lull, stormy wind), then our school will catch up with the missed days without charging extra fees.

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04.12-04.17 | 04.26-05.01 | 05.10-05.15 | 05.24-05.29 | 06.07-06.12 | 06.21-06.26 | 07.05-07.10 | 07.19-07.24 | 08.02-08.07 | 08.16-08.21 | 08.30-09.04 | 09.13-09.18

(6 days of training + 2 days of exam)


03.29-03.31 and 04.05-04.07 | 04.12-04.14 and 04.19-04.21 | 04.26-04.28 and 05.03-05.05 | 05.10-05.12 and 05.17-05.19 | 05.24-05.26 and 05.31-06.02 | 06.07-06.09 and 06.14-06.16 | 06.21-06.23 and 06.28-06.30 | 07.05-07.07 and 07.12-07.14 | 07.19-07.21 and 07.26-07.28 | 08.02-08.04 and 08.09-08.11 | 08.16-08.18 and 08.23-08.25 | 08.30-09.01 and 09.06-09.08 | 09.13-09.15 and 09.20-09.22 | 09.27-09.29 and 10.04-10.06 | 10.11-10.13 and 10.18-10.20 | 10.25-10.27 and 11.01-11.03

(3+3 days of training + 2 days of exam)


04.12-04.14 and 04.19-04.24 | 05.10-05.12 and 05.17-05.22 | 06.21-06.23 and 06.28-07.03 | 07.19-07.21 and 07.26-07.31 | 08.16-08.18 and 08.23-08.28

(3+6 days of training + 2 days of exam)

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215.000 Ft
215.000 Ft
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Scholtz 8.8 sailboat charter | Füredyacht Charter


Practical sailing skills

VRigging and unrigging a sailing boat | Ropes and nodes | Sailing directions | Sail settings | Departure with sail | Open water manoeuvres | Mooring with sail, auxiliary motor | Standing on buoy, anchoring | Saving from water | Tasks in case of strong wind, reducing sail area (reefing) | Route planning, navigation into a foreign harbour

Theoretical knowledge

Navigation geography, hydrography | Meteorology | Boat theory, structure and construction of boats | Boat mechanics | Water circulation knowledge | Theory of sailing | Rules of navigation

Books for the exam

Shipping Regulations 57/2011. (XI. 22.) NFM Decree on the Order of Water Transport | & nbsp; Somlóvári-Overschmidt: Sport Shipping | & nbsp; Available on the website of the FüredYacht Education Center practicing and test exam task sequences

Rules of navigation

HSZ1 | HSZ2 | Practicing the Rules of Navigation Test (CD), questions of the test divided into sections approved by the Inspectorate

Boat driving theory

Navigation tools | Anchoring, mooring | Navigation, steering capability | Operational characteristics of the boat | General navigation knowledge | Boat operations | Special situations | Sluice, sailing through boat lift, passage ramp | Rules of safe equipment

Navigation geography, hydrography, meteorology

Main characteristics of water routes | Signals, signs of water routes, route signaling | General properties of rivers, lakes, channels | Meteorology

Theory of boats, structure and construction of boats, boat mechanics

Theory of boats, actuations | Naval construction | Boat mechanics

First aid, environmental and fire protection knowledge, saving from water

Basic elements of first aid | Recognizing and care of common injuries | Tasks of resuscitation | Environmental and fire protection tasks | Types of fire extinguishers, techniques | Life protection knowledge during fire-fighting | Saving from water | Practical tasks of water accidents

Theory of sailing

Boat driving in practice training

Water circulation basic knowledge, rowing in boat, rope work | Departure from the harbour, turn with the boat, stop with anchoring and mooring | Information about local rules and navigation conditions | Navigation in and out of narrow places (harbour entry, bay) | Turning in narrow places | Carrying out an unexpected operation | Realizing a saving from water

Training of boat driving in practice in case of sailing boat

Water circulation basic knowledge, rowing in boat, rope work | Departure from the harbour, turn with the boat, stop with anchoring and mooring | Information about local rules and navigation conditions | Navigation in and out of narrow places (harbour entry, bay) | Turning in narrow places | Carrying out an unexpected operation (man in water, risk of collision) | Realizing a saving from water | Sailing operations in narrow areas (turning, tacking, sailing in different winds, reefing)


In case of sailing, as for all water sports, swimming skills are essential. Sailing is not among the dangerous sports, bur accidents may occur due to the weather conditions and human carelessness. When starting the sailing course, we hold a training on safety and call your attention to the eventual emergency situations. The mandatory water rescue equipment, like life-jacket, life-buoy, boathook, is part of the equipment on our boats. It is always recommended to wear the life-jacket, however it is mandatory in strong wind.

No training is required. The beginners course at the sailing school is attended by students who start all over the ground. Of course, the course starts with the basics, not building on prior knowledge. You can and must learn to sail so that you can navigate the water with confidence. However, we will only really love sailing if our knowledge allows us to enjoy this sport.

You can buy sailing clothes at any nautical shops where you can buy everything from breathable clothes to sunglasses with chameleon lens. However, it is unnecessary to spend multiple times the price of the sailing course on your clothes for the first time. Indeed good quality sunglasses are essential. Due to the reflection of water, it is important to protect your eyes with good quality lens during sailing. Later, if you really go sailing frequently, it is worth investing in quality clothes, too.

The condition of obtaining the sailing license, and to pass the exam is to learn the theoretical and practical exam tasks. Thanks to the sailing school’s syllabus and the profound, professional education, 90% of our students passes the exam for the first try, therefore you can see that is possible to obtain the sailing license for the first try. Our training includes the practical material with increased number of hours which cannot be replaced with studying at home. It is really important for us that all our students shall have sufficient practical knowledge. The proportion of students failing the practical exam is insignificant in Füredyacht sailing school.

During the season, on Balaton the biggest problem is caused by the lull as you cannot sail at this time. However, too strong wind (above 90 km/h) can also cause problems. Until wind can teach us, we always go on water as even in case of stormy wind, we can learn something. At our sailing school, in these cases we sail in life-jacket with reduced sail area, and in case of lull, we learn theory and rope work in the harbour.

Sailing is among the sports which can be generally characterized by being ageless. Mostly people around the age of 20-40 apply to our courses but there are often students above 50 in our school. We organize camp for children and team building thanks to which people of all age-groups have been already in our school. In general it can be stated that the majority of our students is man but there are some women in each course.

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We take the transfer of confident practical knowledge and the ability to drive independently on our own, which is why we have expanded our line of training vessels with a 4-member Laser Bahia jolle fleet commissioned in 2018.

Flaar 18

The manufacturer’s goal for the Flaar 18 was to design a modern ship that would carry all the benefits of the deservedly popular type of pirate. Competitive performance with ease.

Scholtz 8.8

With its classic design and high-quality materials, the Scholtz 8.8 brings simple elegance back to sailing. Ease of sailing.

Senorita Helmsmann 31

Scandinavian, classically beautiful, 31-foot-long cruising-shaped sailing ship. The elegant exterior is accompanied by a clean, practical interior design, which also includes a 100-liter refrigerator and a chemical toilet.


“The instructors are well prepared, friendly, and the practical classes (of which there are plenty) are spent in the atmosphere of a friendly sailing, in addition they prepared me thoroughly for the exam. The boats have an excellent technical and aesthetic condition, I can only recommend it!”

Kiss László / Budapest

“At the beginner sailing course, we have received a high quality, profound and straightforward education. The course was a real experience, it is an eternal memory for me! When we rented, we always got the boats in an excellent condition, it was always a pleasure to sail on them!”

Vonyik Eszter / Budapest

“At the FüredYacht course, there were professional instructors, with real knowledge base that can be used well in practice, too. There was a very good atmosphere at the course, in a very beautiful environment. For my part, I have stayed here in the harbour already for four years.

Ragány Róbert / Debrecen

The Best Sailing School

" I successfully completed my sailing exam organized by FüredYacht. Although I was very nervous and there was a lot of stress in this, overall I felt very good in this situation. In addition to the environment and sailing on Lake Balaton, I was also captivated by the atmosphere, the way the FüredYacht team handled and managed the "newbies". Organization and all related administration felt very professional. I would like to highlight that during the 6 days we learned under quite a few instructors, all of whom are real individuals and characters. I think this is one of the strengths of FüredYacht. We got to know and learn the sailing style of not only one instructor, but of many kinds. That is why I will recommend this sailing school to all my friends. Thank you very much for these 6 days and the exam, I will be back for renting in April! "

Richárd Stefkovics


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Sarang Lajos
Founder, instructors

Lajos is the founder and instructor of FüredYacht, you can meet him mainly at the theory courses, but he can be used in any areas, he is the jolly joker of the sailing school. For “Mr. Let’s solve it” you cannot come up with a question for which he would not say that “we will solve it”. He has been sailing since his childhood with serious results, he loves what he does and this is what you can feel in every detail of FüredYacht.

Erdélyi Gábor

Gábor is really a character, if he teaches you at the course, you will have an unforgettable experience for sure and you will with a smile that is guaranteed. He teaches with ease, in a stunning way, you will not even recognize that you are learning. But don’t let the pleasant atmosphere deceive you, despite his young age, Öcsi is a real professional as he has been competing in Laser class and in big boat competitions since his childhood.

Fekete Gyula

Gyula represents the unquestionable experience in the instructor range of FüredYacht as he has been sailing on Balaton for more than 50 years. His teaching style is strongly conservative, profound, paired with endless patience. He is the favourite superstar of the beginner courses, he steals your heart immediately with his style, knowledge, patience and personality.

Horváth András

András is irresistibly precise and accurate, he teaches every details at the courses. In addition to his precision, his endless patience and calm habit seem to be an especially winning combination. If you have the opportunity to learn from him, you will experience how he can pass the best knowledge in the unit of time, while being a super cool teacher, and you will close the day with a very good experience.

Tomai Balázs

In addition to Gábor Erdély, Balázs is the other great character of FüredYacht Training Center. The courses hold by him are characterized by the same fluent teaching style with ease, as in case of Öcsi. Practically you feel as you were sailing with your friends, just incidentally you also learn to sail. Pufi also has a serious competition pas, he also qualified for the Olympics in 2016 in Laser class.

Vizeli Lajos

Lajos is a fanatic sailor, he turns to sailing with immense love and respect. You will also experience this if he teaches you. With endless patience and calm, he reaches that you will not only finish the course but also love sailing and you will continue sailing even after the course. He has a huge experience in the construction of boats and marine sailing.

Kelli Ákos

Ákos perfectly alloys the cool style with professional knowledge. He is the fanatic of wind. If you are lucky enough to have a very windy day during the course, you will really enjoy learning with Ákos. You will feel completely safe with him in the biggest wind, even if the wind has just torn your most professional technical windbreaker off.

Bors Máté

Máté is the most active and youngest FüredYacht instructor. He is a complete fanatic of wind since he was 6. He is World Champion in Cadet class (U15) and National Champion in windsurfing. Next to Máté, the course will be not only useful but also joyful, because he is continuously smiling. With him you will not be able to do the course with poker face, even if you want it too.

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