Do you always want to see your ship in a new condition?

With our boat clinic service, you can achieve this, from traditional preservation to complete renovation.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 sailboat charter | Füredyacht Charter

Are you also content when you are swinging in your boat on water? Your loyal companion who has been serving you for years, deserves the care that it thanks generously: you can sail under civilized, homelike conditions.

Have you ever felt bad due to scratches on the deck of your boat? Have you ever felt guilt when you looked at the furniture? Has it ever happened that it was unpleasant for you to receive guests on your boat? Would professional help come handy?

Then the services of FüredYacht Boat Clinic are designed for you!

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General Services

ServiceUnder 30ft Boat Size30.1-38ft Boat SizeAbove 38ft Boat Size
Guest mooring for the night20.000 Ft /night25.000 Ft /night35.000 Ft /night
Guest mooring during the day, staying more than 3 hours10.000 Ft15.000 Ft20.000 Ft
Additional car parking fee127.000 Ft /year127.000 Ft /year127.000 Ft /year
Electric boat charging10.000 Ft15.000 Ft35.000 Ft
Ship crane45.000 Ft45.000 Ft50.000 Ft
Bottom washing15.000 Ft20.000 Ft35.000 Ft

Prices shown are gross prices.

Boat Preparation Fees

ServiceUnder 30ft Boat Size30.1-38ft Boat SizeAbove 38ft Boat Size
Mast installation or removal15.000 Ft20.000 Ft30.000 Ft
Sail removal and installation25.000 Ft35.000 Ft45.000 Ft
Boat sheeting20.000 Ft30.000 Ft40.000 Ft
Boat washing27.500 Ft32.500 Ft37.500 Ft
Internal cleaning25.000 Ft30.000 Ft35.000 Ft
Bilge cleaning25.000 Ft25.000 Ft35.000 Ft
Polishing3.200 Ft /ft3.200 Ft /ft3.200 Ft /ft
Algae inhibitor application fee (sanding, painting) + material cost2.700 Ft /ft2.700 Ft /ft2.700 Ft /ft
Hourly rate for other work performed on the boat19.000 Ft /hour19.000 Ft /hour19.000 Ft /hour
Shipway usage10.000 Ft /occasion10.000 Ft /occasion10.000 Ft /occasion
Ship rescue/towing by motor boat50.000 Ft /hour50.000 Ft /hour50.000 Ft /hour

Prices shown are gross prices.

The type of the applied antifouling materials depends on the type of the paint previously used on the boat. Concerning the ideal type of antifouling and the prices, ask Lajos SARANG at the +36-30-452-9879 phone number..

Füredyacht Boat Clinic undertakes for free to purchase the antifouling material, however the material costs are born by the boat owner!

Boat Service Fees

ServiceService Fee
Boat engine inspection, engine oil change, engine and gearbox condition assessment, air filter check-cleaning, cooling water level check, visual inspection of impeller pressure + material38.500 Ft
Engine oil change hourly rate, depending on the time spent19.800 Ft - 39.600 Ft
Service fee for replacing gas oil pre- and micro-filters (External and built-in engine)7.500 Ft -35.000 Ft
Other service fees below the waterline (andod, skeg bearing, straight drive or saildrive)10.000 Ft - 42.500 Ft

Prices shown are gross prices.


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