Do you want to see your boat always in a new condition?

Are you also content when you are swinging in your boat on water? Your loyal companion who has been serving you for years, deserves the care that it thanks generously: you can sail under civilized, homelike conditions.

Have you ever felt bad due to scratches on the deck of your boat? Have you ever felt guilt when you looked at the furniture? Has it ever happened that it was unpleasant for you to receive guests on your boat? Would professional help come handy?

Then the services of FüredYacht Boat Clinic are designed for you!

Package offers

BASE PACKAGE Boat washing | Antifouling | Rigging the sail 79.500 Ft 70.000 Ft
OPTIMUM PACKAGE Polishing the side and deck of the boat | Internal cleaning | Treatment of external wooden elements 63.000 Ft 58.000 Ft
PREMIUM PACKAGE Putting on an UV protection wax layer | Drapery cleaning 47.000 Ft 42.000 Ft
DE LUXE PACKAGE All services of Base + Optimum + Premium packages 189.500 Ft 144.500 Ft

Our sale prices are valid up to our capacity.

Basic services

Spring canvas take off 7.500 Ft
Checking and rigging the sails 12.000 Ft
Spring board wash and internal cleaning 20.000 Ft
Antifouling up to a boat length of 10 m 40.000 Ft
Antifouling above the boat length of 10 m 45.000 Ft
Treatment of external wooden surfaces with teak oil and enameling 15.000 Ft

The type of the applied antifouling materials depends on the type of the paint previously used on the boat. Concerning the ideal type of antifouling and the prices, ask Lajos SARANG at the +36-30-452-9879 phone number.

Füredyacht Boat Clinic undertakes for free to purchase the antifouling material, however the material costs are born by the boat owner!

Boat cleaning and boat washing

External and deck washing 7.500 Ft
External side washing 7.500 Ft
Internal cleaning 8.000 Ft
Drapery and imitation leather cleaning 12.000 Ft

Polishing and waxing

Machine side polishing of the boat 35.000 Ft
Boat deck machine and manual polishing 30.000 Ft
Waxing on the complete boat surface 25.000 Ft

For polishing we exclusively use the International surface protection product family.

Waxing is only possible after polishing.

Making and repair of boat fittings

Manufacturing of bow and stern entries Quotation of price after free check-up
Making of Bimini Quotation of price after free check-up
Making bath steps Quotation of price after free check-up
Mounting cup and drink holders Quotation of price after free check-up
Making guards and board seats Quotation of price after free check-up

Repair of plastics and gelled external surfaces after assessing the damaged surface on site, and also in our boat construction workshop.

Ask for our free condition check-up!

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