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Will I be safe during the course?

In case of sailing, as for all water sports, swimming skills are essential. Sailing is not among the dangerous sports, bur accidents may occur due to the weather conditions and human carelessness. When starting the sailing course, we hold a training on safety and call your attention to the eventual emergency situations. The mandatory water rescue equipment, like life-jacket, life-buoy, boathook, is part of the equipment on our boats. It is always recommended to wear the life-jacket, however it is mandatory in strong wind.

Do I need any previous experience for the course?

To obtain the sailing license, you do not need any previous experience. In the sailing school, the beginner course is for students who start completely from the basics. The course aiming at the sailing license starts with the basics, it is not built on any previous knowledge. You can and you should learn to sail in order to be able to circulate in water with confidence. However you will really love sailing only if it is allowed by your knowledge to freely enjoy this sport.

What kind of sailing clothes shall I buy?

You can buy sailing clothes at any nautical shops where you can buy everything from breathable clothes to sunglasses with chameleon lens. However, it is unnecessary to spend multiple times the price of the sailing course on your clothes for the first time. Indeed good quality sunglasses are essential. Due to the reflection of water, it is important to protect your eyes with good quality lens during sailing. Later, if you really go sailing frequently, it is worth investing in quality clothes, too.

What is the success rate of the exams?

The condition of obtaining the sailing license, and to pass the exam is to learn the theoretical and practical exam tasks. Thanks to the sailing school’s syllabus and the profound, professional education, 90% of our students passes the exam for the first try, therefore you can see that is possible to obtain the sailing license for the first try. Our training includes the practical material with increased number of hours which cannot be replaced with studying at home. It is really important for us that all our students shall have sufficient practical knowledge. The proportion of students failing the practical exam is insignificant in Füredyacht sailing school.

What happens if the weather is bad?

During the season, on Balaton the biggest problem is caused by the lull as you cannot sail at this time. However, too strong wind (above 90 km/h) can also cause problems. Until wind can teach us, we always go on water as even in case of stormy wind, we can learn something. At our sailing school, in these cases we sail in life-jacket with reduced sail area, and in case of lull, we learn theory and rope work in the harbour.

When should I start sailing?

Sailing is among the sports which can be generally characterized by being ageless. Mostly people around the age of 20-40 apply to our courses but there are often students above 50 in our school. We organize camp for children and team building thanks to which people of all age-groups have been already in our school. In general it can be stated that the majority of our students is man but there are some women in each course.

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